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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fat, Dumb, and Happy

Sorry for the picture quality.  I took it with my cell phone from my car.

Seen outside Bolton's Turkey Farm in Silverdale as dozens of cars tried to squeeze into the parking lot (NOTE:  If you've never been to Bolton's, there's a very good reason why hordes of people were descending on it.  Boltons is that good):
Swans-Punks of the Bird World
Secure in the knowledge that tomorrow is Turkey Day, these swans couldn't be safer if they were a group of hamburgers. 

Actually, come to think of it, does anyone crave a good ole piece of swan during the holidays?  Or ever?

Now, as far as those obnoxious poop machines, the Canadian Geese, there is such a thing as a Christmas Goose.  

They better not turn their backs on me.

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