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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Local Dry Cleaner

If you live near Dublin, Hilltown, Perkasie, or Bedminster (there, I hope I kept this pretty vague.  Or not), I'm sure you've seen this before at a dry cleaners.  If you have, take another look at it and see if you see what I see.

I hadn't known the Swedish were that especially dirty.  If not, I'll bet the Danes, Finns, and Norwegians are pretty hacked off over this bit of Scandinavian preferential treatment.

Seriously, imagine being the owner of this store.  You order a sign made for your establishment, you receive this sign, you affix it to the outside of your store, you stand back, beaming with pride.

Then, some wiseacre notices it and blogs about it.  You go outside your store, look at the sign and scream, "Ohhhhhhhhhh, GD it!!!"

Somebody shoulda used a dictionary.


  1. i hate it when typos sneak past me, but i love it when it happens to other people. especially in public like this one.

  2. I pointed it out to a guy I work with yesterday. He initially said, "They clean suede so what....oh, my God, you're right! I never noticed that before!"
    I did double-check the dictionary to see if "Swede" is an acceptable alternative for "suede."
    It's not.
    Hee hee.