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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gotta Admit, I'm a Little Nervous

Go ahead and laugh it up, funny man.
She was someone's baby once.
    Even though I get depressed about no comments on my blog, I take solace in reviewing just how many people have at least looked at "Just An Observation."  The fact that they probably thought it was a porn site-and that "Observation" meant more than what it really means-is beside the point.

    Since this is primarily a local opinion piece, I pretty much figured that most of the people who took a peek here were from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Or confused people from Nebraska.

  But, lo and behold (a phrase normally used in the Bible.  Along with "Thou Shalt Not Remove Under Penalty of Law." All right.  I made that one up.  But, it should be there.), most of the folks who've visited aren't even from the United States, let alone Southeastern Pennsylvania.

  No, coming in at #1 is-I'm still amazed-Russia!  Yeah, the former Evil Empire, the current trailer park of Europe.  You liked them as the Soviet Union, you love them as the country so frikkin' huge it needs two continents, multiple time zones, and 1,000 ways to boil beets.

  Why do you suppose this is?  Is it because my blog is also part of the Montgomery News organization (the part which doesn't pay)?  Maybe.  But, that just can't be.  I don't think Vladmir Putin looks to the Perkasie News-Herald for his news when the New York Times-or People magazine-are available.

Please don't let it be this guy.
And not just because he's dead.
  Maybe it's because my humor transcends international borders?  Maybe I'm just so frikkin' hilarious in any language that I keep world peace intact (except for that pain in the behind Middle East).
  Nah.  I've looked at the crap I write.  Al Gore gets more laughs at a "Limericks Reading and Pull-My-Finger" recital.
    So, why DO you Russians visit me?  Are you looking for some sort of intelligence which would give you a leg up as to how to infiltrate what Iran calls the "Great Satan" (I just know they say it with love, though)?  If that's your motivation, you're too late.  If you've ever seen any electronics department in Walmart, you'll know another country has beat you to it.  And, I don't mean Finland. 
Is lady? No, is man.
Have penis?  Nyet.

  Trust me, if you're looking for some sort of insight into what makes Americans tick, you've come to the wrong place.  You'd be better off checking out Dancing With the Stars.

  On second thought, never mind.  Chaz Bono would just confuse the hell out of you.

  I don't know.  Maybe you do find me hilarious.  

  After all, any country which would stand in line for twelve hours just to get toilet paper has to have a great sense of humor.
Please to tell, where to find moose and squirrel?
  But, would it kill you to toss in a comment or two?  I'm working here.
  And not getting paid.


  1. "Al Gore gets more laughs at a "Limericks Reading and Pull-My-Finger" recital"
    i read that sentence & thought it ended with "rectal" rather than recital. BIG difference. big.

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  3. Depends on the finger, I suppose.