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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Bumper Sticker

  Just an observation....

  I spotted this vehicle yesterday parked at the Wawa at the intersection of routes 313 and 113 in Hilltown (the specific location is not germane-or any of the other surviving Jackson brothers-to this story.  I just wanted to give it some local flavor.  And I love Wawa pretzels.):

  Since we live in a "rural" area, kinda (there are llamas down the street, after all), our local post office quite often needs to use the services of part-time folks to deliver the mail.  When they're not raising the price of stamps, that is.

  These people slap a sign such as the above on their cars and go off on their merry way, misplacing the mail.  Sometimes, they plop a flashy yellow light on the roofs of their vehicles to alert other motorists that they make frequent stops.  And are sitting in the right-side passenger seat while leaning over to grab the steering wheel on the left.

  If they stay with the Postal Service long enough, they may even be able to eventually wear those cool short pants to work.  Or a pith helmet.

  In any case, they mostly do a great job and I'm grateful for their service.  Those Chase credit card applications, Oriental Trading Company fliers, and Rubber Dog Crap brochures won't deliver themselves, ya know.

  But, after looking at the car above, I took a look at what she had plastered to her rear passenger door:
  Okay, I'm all for freedom of expression.  But, I've never understood the penchant some folks have for displaying this cause or that on their vehicles.  And they don't have to be political either.  We've all seen an abundance of "My son is an honor student at...", "Save the Whales," "I [Heart] My Poodle," or the Calvin cartoon character peeing on a Chevy/Ford signs.

  Hey, if you want to "F" up your car's paintjob by plastering crap all over it, knock yourself out, be my guest.  After all, it's your vehicle.

  But, if you're going to be driving a vehicle with a "U.S. Mail" sign on one side and an "Obama '08" on the other, I think you've given up your right to express a partisan opinion.  As a representative of the United States government, you ostensibly are a representative of the entire United States, not of just the Democratic Party.  

  It makes me think you could be inclined to "lose" my membership renewal notification for the National Rifle Association.

  Either scrape Barack from your bumper or stop driving a car which says you're working for the U.S. Mail.

  You may not get that pith helmet, though.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I'd feel the exact same way if she had affixed a "McCain/Palin" sticker to her car.  I just don't think it would be an issue.  Because, crayon would wash off in the rain.

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