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Monday, August 27, 2012

We're Moving On Up

"Seriously, I think those Amish may be on to something.
Doing it this way sucks."

  Well, not to the East Side.  Or any side for that matter.  In fact, my butt will still be planted right where it is.

  But, I just wanted to let you, my followers (both of you), know that I'll shifting this site to a blog for the Philly Burbs news organization.
  What's changed?
  Well, I won't get paid.
  Will my readership grow?
  If comments the past two weeks are any indication...uh, no.
  However, I will now join an equally ignored corps of Bloggers as we comment on this, that, or the other thing.
  All not being paid to do so.
  So, why am I doing it?
  Uh...not really sure.

  The big change for the two of you who visit this site is that you will no longer have the hard-hitting journalism (or mindless drivel) you've come to expect.  If you visit, though, let me know you were there.  Because that really is all the payment I expect.  Well, that, and gum.  

  Most of my essays will be at the other place.  I will keep this site open for the foreseeable future so I can post pictures of things I find funny in Upper Bucks County.  Philly Burbs actually require that I string more than a few words together.  I guess they're big on coherent trains of logic and thought.  Pictures really aren't their bag.  

  Boy, are they in for a shock.

  Anyway, if you've got a few seconds of your time to waste visit, the new location for Just An Observation is  You can go ahead and click on it with no fear.  There will be no solicitation of funds from Nigerian royalty.  



  1. i wish someone would pay me in gum. i'd be making more than i've made in over a year.
    and how did you get gig where you can't use pictures and have to string so many words together. were you solicited?

  2. I hear 4 out of 5 dentists prefer to be paid in gum (or would that be 'gums'?).
    I actually looked at the local paper and thought to take my words over there. As you know, though, I use a lot of pictures with captions. So, I'll keep that up here.
    I don't know....maybe I can eventually parlay this into a writing gig? Who knows? I'm not holding my breath, though.
    And that other guy at Penwasser Place will keep doing what HE'S doing.

  3. know what's amazing?
    15 (!) people viewed this thing. 15!! And three of those were from Germany and three others from Russia.
    I'm not sure how I feel about Russia. Maybe they're hoping to learn something.
    Like how to move a house...?

  4. how many of those 15 were you and me?

  5. Well, now there's 18 from the U.S. Let's say that you and I account for maybe half (and I thank you for that), that still leaves 9 Americans. Plus, I just saw that I had two views from France!
    The Russians still make me nervous. Could be worse, though.
    Could be Iran.