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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why I Love Perkasie

As I rode my bike from East Rockhill into Perkasie, I noticed this:

Notice it says "Bikes Only" (or "Only Bikes."  Depends on your point of view, I suppose).

Now, if you have enough police officers and time to enforce this, I'd say you have your crime rate well in hand.  Philadelphia only wishes they had this problem.

Incidentally, as I rode down this path towards Sellersville (where it ends, as far as I could tell), I noticed one kid on a skateboard, one dude pushing a stroller, two teenagers strolling along with bookbags (school hasn't started yet; I guess they're practicing), and one old guy walking his dog.  All without bicycles.  Just so you know, I've alerted the authorities.  

You know who you are.


  1. You're funny...I'm guessing you're related to a this guy I know who used to have this cool toilet (he was sitting on it) as his header pic, now I only get to see him checking out his cavities...or dentures! :P

    I just got my bike "tuned" and took it for a spin...that'll be it for another can't say I don't try! I'm a fan of Bike Route Bowling...a little game I invented. I'm going to let you figure out how it's played!

    Cheers...can you guess who? (it's me...okay, if your stuck there's a clue in the to left corner of this comment...duh!) :)

    PS - you've got the dreaded WV on...I'm allergic to it...but I'm going to risk it today. (Moderation is the way to go...dude!)

  2. WV is gone! Thanks for letting me know!